About Tara Medium

Born prematurely and under unusual circumstances during a boat trip between Brazil and the United States, clairvoyant Tara Medium exhibited psychic powers at an early age. The first example of this occurred when she was five, after her godfather’s small plane crashed in the Rocky Mountains. During the third night after the crash, Tara received a sudden psychic vision of her godfather standing over her bed, looking tired but happy, announcing that they would be reunited on the following Sunday. Too young to properly interpret this occurrence, Tara Medium initially assumed it was nothing more than a dream. Five days after the crash, a rescue team located her godfather, and as the vision predicted, Tara Medium visited him in the hospital that Sunday.

Over time, Tara Medium’s skills in the occult sciences matured, and she experienced repeated flashes of future events. She studied such subjects as astrology, numerology, talismans, runes, and oracles, utilizing these tools to enhance her already substantial powers. By the time she turned 15, Tara Medium possessed enough psychic energy to enable her to see into an individual’s future after an initial cursory meeting.

Possessing great spiritual energy but unsure what to do with it, Tara Medium met a Western Spirit Master at the age of 19. He told Tara that her abilities were a gift from the heavens and advised her to use them for the benefit of others. Taking this counsel to heart, Tara Medium created her website which she uses to advise those wishing to enhance their emotional, financial, and personal luck. Offering in-depth studies that correctly assess a person’s strengths and shortcomings, Tara Medium then provides predictions on obstacles to avoid, problems to solve, and opportunities to pursue. In turn, this gives her clients the confidence needed to increase their own personal happiness. All advice is given in a detailed and expedient manner, and confidentiality is assured.

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